Jordyn & Zach | The Raleigh Hotel Wedding


Jordyn & Zach chose The Raleigh Hotel on Miami Beach as their venue to tie the knot at and what a great decision that was! The deco vibe of this hotel matched perfectly with their personalities and style. Jordyn was born and raised in Miami but later moved to California where she met Zach. She knew she wanted to be surrounded by friends and family down south when her and Zach got married. The week of their wedding we all turned on our TV's and saw that a hurricane was on its way! We kept in contact during that week and got lucky in that the hurricane wasn't half as bad as the news thought it would be. Most of their guest trooped it out and made their flights down to Miami anyway. Jordyn kept cool calm and collected every time we connected to chat about the game plan of Hurricane Matthew. They both kept their spirits high and knew that all that mattered was that they would spend the rest of their lives together. And they were right, they pulled off a stunning wedding!

Jordyn's grandfather was supposed to marry her and Zach but he unfortunately was under the weather and couldn't do so. But her cousin made sure to facetime him and make sure he could witness the whole ceremony!

As we walked around the hotel during their portrait session we had such a great time being creative and finding all of the neat spots at The Raleigh. Their reception was full of laughter and joy as they danced away all of their hurricane worries!